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Present in 15 countries with 30 locations and numerous institutes, our university connects students from five continents. It is in this international and multicultural environment that students and teachers come together, creating a privileged forum for human and intellectual enrichment.

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Born from the heart of theChurch and located in thecenter of Rome, the PontificalLateran University proposesitself as a frontline structure intraining and scientificresearch.
Professors and students fromall over the world ensure thedimension of catholicity,which, reflecting the universalmission of the Church,guarantees students, acultural, human and pastoralgrowth at the same time.

The Research Areas, Chairs and Study Centers of the Pontifical Lateran University aim to promote or carry out research, conferences, publications, seminars, lecture cycles, taking any other initiative deemed appropriate for the purposes of scientific research, and raising awareness of world public opinion regarding the problems connected with the object of the research itself. They also promote, in some cases, the training of young scholars through the award of scholarships.

The aim of the Association is twofold: its activity is aimed both at the same members, and at the current students of PUL.

If the duty of the University is to train and prepare, the duty of the Association is to promote projects aimed at accompanying students through career guidance and training activities.

The Association also promotes and organizes events and occasions aimed at creating a virtuous network between members and promoting the values ​​of PUL among former students, who will thus be able to live and maintain a link with the University. 


About our University

A long tradition of academic excellence. Born from the heart of the Church and located in the center of Rome, the Pontifical Lateran University proposes itself as a frontline structure in training and scientific research.

Professors and students from all over the world ensure the dimension of catholicity, which, reflecting the universal mission of the Church, guarantees students, a cultural, human and pastoral growth at the same time.

Today the Lateran University actively has four faculties (Philosophy, Theology, Canon Law, Civil Law), two institutes (Pastoral and Utriusque Iuris), a cycle of inter-faculty studies (Peace Sciences and International Cooperation) and a Centre for Advanced studies and post-graduate specialization (CLAS)

The Lateran issues academic certificates recognized by the Italian State.

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