Doctorate in Civil Law

3 Anni, 3 years
Educational qualification
Five-year qualification (ML)
Credits to be earned
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In consideration of the characteristics that have been typical of the Faculty since its establishment in 1853, the Doctoral Cycle (Ph.D) constitutes a course schedule to complete education in the field of law, with the specific focus on research in legal studies in their historical, ancient and modern perspective, in the comparison by areas and institutes, and in the general international dimension, of supranational integration and protection of the fundamental rights of the person.

The study program leading to the Doctorate can be completed in 3 academic years which will allow the student not only a further increase of knowledge of substantive law, but to undertake a programme to acquire specialized skills and essential values ​​for a future activity in the research sectors, teaching and various legal professions.

In addition to the dimension of academic and scientific excellence, the international environment and the availability of relationships between students and teachers, this course of study combines particular attention to human formation, availability and service, to the promotion of a further strong spirit of community and an interest in the integral development of the student. Bearing in mind of the true nature of the global and intercultural dimension that increasingly requires adequate training of the jurist and a careful discernment of the moral foundations and ethical issues.

Those who have obtained a five-year degree (LM) at the Faculty of Civil Law (Masters in Law) with a grade corresponding to the summa cum Laude qualification can have access the Doctorate studies.

Students enrolled in the third year of the LMG in the 2019/2020 A.Y. must choose their study schedule by indicating on the “Choice of LMG/01” form an optional course to be followed in the fourth year and an optional course to be followed in the fifth year. Once downloaded, the form must be sent to Prof. Nacci at nacci@pul.va for his approval. The Professor himself will send the form completed by the students to the Secretariat.

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