Three years (Triennium)

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3 years
Educational qualification
High school diploma
Credits to be earned
180 credits
Prof. Philip Larrey

It takes three years and ends with the attainment of the first academic degree (Bachelors, BA), for a total number of credits (180 CFU) equivalent to those required for the European and Italian three-year degree.

During this First Cycle, the magisterial lectures prevail, aimed at offering students a panoramic view of both theoretical philosophy and the history of philosophy. Students are introduced to the scientific method through written works and active participation in seminars and study conferences. In particular, out of the 180 total credits of the three-year period, a suitable number is reserved for these particular activities. The number of 180 credits constitutes the minimum amount required for the achievement of the degree. Students are required to increase their educational credit by acquiring additional credits that they can enhance during the course of their academic and professional career.

According to the aforementioned CEC document, to access the study program of the Faculty of Theology, it is sufficient to follow a two-year course of philosophical studies, largely corresponding to the first two years of the Baccalaureate Studies Program in Philosophy, leading to the attainment of a Certificate of Philosophical Studies, for a total of 120 credits. The Certificate has no academic degree value.

The 120 minimum credits earned in the two-year institutional course of the Faculty of Philosophy allow not only access to the Faculty of Theology of ecclesiastical universities, but also access to the third year of a similar Italian three-year degree. In fact, the 120 credits can be recognized at other universities and Institutions.

For the purposes of obtaining an Italian or European triennial Bachelor’s Degree, or enrollment in an Italian or European Master’s Degree, it is advisable to also obtain the European Computer Driving License (ECDL), required in Europe.

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