Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology

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2 Anni, 2 Years
Educational qualification
Baccalaureato in Teologia, Bachelors in Theology
Credits to be earned
120 crediti, 120 credits

Section of Christology, Trinitarian and Anthropology

The study objective and research is the mystery of Christ, the centre of the Church’s faith and her mission in the world. Through the proposal of this specialization, the Theological Faculty intends to integrate the ecclesiological line and the fundamental-anthropological one, allowing the renewal of the theological disciplines, desired by the Second Vatican Council, deriving from a more lively contact with the mystery of Christ and with the history of salvation. (OT 16).

In fact, the Christological study allows not only a deeper theological knowledge of the “new face of God” revealed in Jesus Christ (the theological-Trinitarian dimension of faith), but also a deeper knowledge of the “new face of man” (anthropological dimension of believing).


Program in Theology of Christian Life

Coordinator: prof. Alfonso V. AMARANTE 

This special section aims to lead the student to acquire a correct method of study and research in the field of moral sciences, following the indication of Optatam totius 16, and therefore with a scientific exhibition that illustrates the height of the vocation of the faithful in Christ and their obligation to bear fruit of charity for the life of the world. This means placing moral reflection in the context of theological reflection on the process in which man, created in the image of God and redeemed by Christ, tends towards the fullness of his realization, according to the demands of the vocation to sanctity, in the context of economics of salvation historically implemented in the Church.

The personal study plan, prepared by the Dean or the Coordinator, also taking into account the candidate’s previous studies, provides for a compulsory introductory-methodological tutorial course every year.

The first introductory course includes an introduction to the “theology of Christian life” and some themes of biblical morality. The second introductory course deals with the “method of moral theology” and some themes of fundamental morality. There are also other thematic courses that touch various aspects of the theology of Christian life, both from a fundamental and a special point of view, in relation to the areas: biblical, patristic- historical, systematic, philosophical, anthropological. A seminar, specific to the course programme, is mandatory every year.

Thus a special “course schedule” is outlined (which can also be traced by drawing on courses offered in other Institutes and Faculties of the University), with which the student reaches to obtain a Theological Licentiate specializing in Theology of the Christian life. 

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