Licentiate in Fundamental Theology

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2 Anni, 2 Years
Educational qualification
Baccalaureato in Teologia, Bachelors in Theology
Credits to be earned
120 crediti, 120 credits
Prof. Giuseppe Lorizio

The specialization in Fundamental Theology has as its main objective the revelation of God – in its eschatological fulfilment in Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, who pours out the fullness of the Holy Spirit (cf. DV 4) – considered in all its breadth in universal history of salvation. The fulcrum of specialization is, therefore, the theme of Christian revelation and its transmission in the Church, with reference to modern and contemporary thought and the commitment to the inculturation of Faith.

Important attention is also paid to the contemporary context (question of the pluralism of religions on a planetary level, meaning from the persistent criticism of religion in the Western world, the birth of new religious movements), with the aim of offering the foundations of a theology of religions and of interreligious dialogue.

The intent is to read and interpret the “seeds of the Word” in widespread culture (music, cinema, literature, figurative arts), in order to show the credibility of Christian Revelation in the presence of history.

To be able to enroll as an ordinary student in the 2nd year, it is necessary to attest the knowledge of two modern languages ​​(Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese), in addition to one’s mother tongue.

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