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The special teaching and research characteristic practiced in the Faculty of Theology consists in the strong reference to the doctrinal legacy and theological perspective of the Second Vatican Council, re-proposed and developed by all the Popes of the post-conciliar period.

The specific orientation and the main task of the Faculty lie in introducing both seminarians, deacons, priests, religious men and women, the laity to a more mature and qualified knowledge of the Christian faith, but also in “promoting, both in Rome and throughout the world, the dialogus salutis of the Church with culture “(Stat., art. 86), training men and women of all ages to be able to respond in a credible and effective way to the challenges of the new evangelization.

The Faculty of Theology is structured in three Cycles.

  • First Cycle or Institutional Five-year period: it takes five years, and ends with the attainment of the first academic degree: Bachelors in Theology.
  • Second Cycle or Biennium of Specialization: it takes two years, and ends with the attainment of the second academic degree: Specialized Licentiate in Theology.
  • Third Cycle or Superior Biennium of Research: it takes three years, after a Licentiate in Theology, and ends with the attainment of the third academic degree: Doctorate in Theology.

Theology Faculty

Student Secretariat

Tel. +39 06 69895636/547/675

Dean: Mons. Prof. Angelo Lameri

Vice Dean:  Mons. Prof. Luigi Michele de Palma

Dean Secretariat: Mr. Corrado Pozzi
Tel: + 39 06.698.95.534
Fax 06.698.95.510

Reception Hours
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Ordo A.Y. 2022/2023

Study Cycles

Institutional Cycle

Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology - Ecclesiology

Licentiate in Theology

Licentiate in Interfaith Theology

Licentiate in Fundamental Theology

Doctorate in Theology

Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology - Christology

The Journal of Theology Faculty


Lateranum, published every four months, is the journal of the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Lateran University. In it, the faculty professors propose the fruits of their research and teaching from the perspective of interdisciplinary knowledge.