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In the section for Academic Degrees, the Licentiate and Doctorate in Theology are obtained, with the following specializations:

1. Specialization in Pastoral Theology

a. LICENTIATE in Pastoral Theology:
    – Specialization in Pastoral Theology of the ecclesial community and evangelization
    – specialization in Pastoral Theology of Education and Communication

 b. DOCTORATE in Pastoral Theology

2. Specialization in the Social Doctrine of the Church

a. LICENTIATE in the Social Doctrine of the Church
b. DOCTORATE in the Social Doctrine of the Church

3. Specialization in pastoral theology of care and health

a. LICENTIATE E in Pastoral Theology of Care and Health
b. DOCTORATE in Pastoral Theology of Care and Health

In order to enroll or register as an ordinary student in the 1st year of the Specialization Cycle of the Redemptor Hominis Pastoral Institute, it is necessary to present original documentation certifying:

  • the attainment of the qualification certificate (High School Diploma), which allows enrollment at the state university in one’s own country;
  • the attainment of the academic degree of Bachelors in Theology;
  • knowledge in Italian language (level B2).

Anyone who has completed institutional philosophical-theological studies in a seminary or in a religious student residence and does not have a Bachelors degree in Theology can, until further notice, be admitted as an ordinary student to the two-year postgraduate course after having taken an exam on some subjects (regarding Sacred Scripture, Dogmatic Theology and Moral Theology).

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