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2 Years
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High school diploma
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The educational offer for the Licentiate in Utroque Iure, in addition to the complete study of the canonical disciplines, in accordance with the established legal tradition of the Institutum, also attributes a relevant position to the historical-Roman, comparative and international disciplines. Candidates are offered a study method characterized by an in-depth study of historical sources, an openness to the comparison of the canonical system with other legal systems and an interest in the legal production of the international sector.

The curricular schedule, without neglecting the theological dimension of Canon Law, helps understanding as a strictly juridical phenomenon. The student, with the specialist guidance of lecturers, will be able to acquire a study method and a specialization that responds to the services and responsibilities related to the exercise of the legal activity of the Church. In particular, the Licentiate in Utroque Iure responds to the necessary legal preparation required for some ecclesiastical offices, for the activity within the international forums, to train future teachers in the canonical disciplines.

Those admitted to the Licentiate Cycle in Utroque Iure, with enrollment in the 1st year and curricular frequency of 10 (ten) semesters, have obtained a qualification that allows the ”enrollment at the University in the country where the degree was obtained.

Students who: have completed the curriculum of philosophical-theological studies are directly enrolled in the 2nd year of the Licentiate Cycle in Utroque Iure; or have obtained the Academic Degree of Bachelors at a Faculty of Theology; or have obtained the academic degree of Magisterium in Religious Sciences; or they can ascertain that they have already studied, for a period equivalent to four semesters, at jknha suitable Academic Institution (Theological Faculty, Higher Institute of Religious Sciences), all the disciplines foreseen for the First Cycle of the Licentiate in Canon Law and have passed the exams. For these students, the License has a four-year duration.

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