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The Accounts Office is in charge of regularizing the student’s administrative position and, in coordination with the Contracts and Purchasing Office, makes the necessary purchases at the University.


After the deadlines indicated, the amount will be increased by the late payment fee.

Secretarial fees can be paid by bank transfer or in cash only at the counter of the Banca Popolare di Sondrio Agency 24 in Rome – Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, n. 51 / A – 00184 Rome. For the opening hours of the cash desk, see the bank web page.


Bursar Office

General Bursar
Ing. Flaminia Sacerdoti
tel. +39  06 69895639

Rag. Giorgio Marino
tel. +39 06 69895624

Taxes Academic Year 2021/2022

Right to study

The Pontifical Lateran University prepares a series of measures and facilitations to allow the right to study to students who are in less favourable economic conditions.

Academic fee reductions



  • Form and Rules for making the College Reduction Application – 2021/2022 Academic Year

For the College reduction, a letter from the University will be sent directly to the Head of the College indicating the facility received and the payment methods.

University work

Allocation of fees for part-time activities, to be understood exclusively as reductions to be applied to the amounts of fees due by students.

Form and rules for University Work – 2021-2022 Academic Year