Canon Law

In the Faculty of Canon Law, the curriculum of studies is essentially characterized by these elements of specific novelty of the educational offer:

– the introductory two-year period (First Cycle) is organized through courses activated partly annually and partly on alternate years, with mainly tutorial-type modules from an educational point of view and with contents chosen according to scientific criteria and organically related to the theological preparation required for Christian jurists;

  • for the Licentiate Cycle (Second Cycle) the increase in the study of judicial practice and canonical administrative law allows for a more in-depth and directly functional technical preparation for the qualification of future operators of the judicial and administrative structures of the Church;
  • in the Doctoral Cycle (Third Cycle), the annual activation of Seminars functional to the deepening of the most relevant issues in the individual disciplines is taken care of with particular attention;
  • the implementation of the reform of canonical studies is further qualified and supported by the study of the Latin language.

The educational offer of the Institute is carried out according to modern teaching methods adapted to the specific needs of the canonical sciences. Furthermore, in the semesters scansion there are some didactic tutorial systems for the preparation of the students for the general exams (preceding the Licentiate) and useful time for the preparation of the written papers required for the Degree exams.

The organization of studies for the attainment of Academic Degrees in Utroque Iure is organized into two Cycles: Five-year Licentiate Cycle; Doctorate cycle.

The Faculty of Canon Law plans the study programmes for the individual cycles in accordance with the provisions issued by the Congregation for Catholic Education with the Novo Codice Decree (2 September 2002) and which came into force starting from the 2003-2004 academic year.

The curriculum studiorum of the Licentiate in Utroque Iure, with particular reference to the canonical disciplines, is equally prepared in accordance with the same provisions in force.

The curriculum in Utroque Iure allows you to achieve the Academic Degrees of Licentiate (Second Cycle); Doctorate (Third Cycle).

In particular: in order to obtain the Doctorate in Utroque Iure, given the particular curriculum required, it is essential to have obtained the Licentiate in Utroque Iure.

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