First Cycle of Canon Law

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2 Anni, 2 Years
Educational qualification
Diploma scuola secondaria superiore, High school diploma
Credits to be earned
120 crediti, 120 during the period
Prof. Paolo Gherri

The educational offer of the Faculty of Canon Law includes, for the First Cycle, the study of the institutions of canon law and of the philosophical and theological disciplines necessary to acquire the basic formation (see Apostolic Constitution, Veritatis Gaudium, art. 78; Ordinationes, articles 61 and 62; CEC, Decreto Novo Codice; CEC, Instruction on the studies of canon law, art.9; PUL Statutes, articles 119 § 1 and 120 §1).

The overall curricular time for the entire Cycle is planned over two academic years (equivalent to four semesters).

The First Cycle is compulsory for all those who, despite having already obtained a Degree in Law at state, Catholic or free civil universities, have not acquired the theological-philosophical preparation corresponding to the curriculum required by the Faculty according to current legislation (CEC, Novo Decree Code, 2 September 2002).

The First Cycle is not compulsory (see Ordinationes di Veritatis gaudium, art. 62 §1) for students who have completed the five or six years of philosophical-theological studies to obtain a Bachelors degree at a Faculty of Theology or at a Major Seminary.; or have obtained the academic degree of Magisterium in Religious Sciences; or they can ascertain that they have already attended, for a period equivalent to four semesters, at a recognized academic institution (Theological Faculty, Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, Theological Seminary), the courses of the disciplines envisaged for the First Cycle of the Licentiate in Canon Law and to have passed the relative exams (for the recognition of this curriculum the candidate is not required to have achieved an Academic Degree: see Veritatis gaudium, art. 79; PUL Statutes, art. 120 § 1): The conclusion of the overall curriculum envisaged for the two years of the First Cycle does not allow the attainment of any Academic Degree, but rather admission to the Second Cycle of the Faculty of Canon Law.

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