It's possible to enroll at the Pontifical Lateran University starting from June

By Enrollment we mean the procedure that must be followed by those who for the first time enrol in a Faculty / Institute of the Pontifical Lateran University.

It is possible to complete the online enrolment application if:

– you have completed your high school diploma.

How to enroll online


Connect to the PLUS platform to start the enrollment procedure


Enter your personal data and those relating to residence and domicile


Attach a photo and in PDF format, your identifying document, letter of presentation from the parish priest (if a lay person), the Bishop (if a clergyman), the Superior (if a religious), and International Passport (if a foreign student)


You will then be contacted by the Faculty / Institute / Study Cycle Secretariat to arrange an interview with the Dean / Principal / Delegate / Director, and fill out the study plan



Once the study plan has been signed, you will receive from the Student Secretariat an indication of the method of payment and the amount of the enrollment fee


Once the payment receipt has been sent to the Student Secretariat, you will receive the student registration number


If you want to start the enrolment process online or you have tried to register but you had difficulties during the various steps, download the complete guide to make the registration.



The courses are held in Italian. For students who need to improve the study of the Italian language it is possible to follow courses of Italian held by Clas. For information visit the dedicated page.


PRE-ENROLLMENT (Students from abroad)

Pre-enrollment Rules for non-Italian students from countries outside the European Union

In order to obtain an entry visa into Italy for study purposes, students from a country not belonging to the European Union must submit by April 15 of each year, to the Italian Diplomatic or Consular Missions of the country of residence, in addition to the necessary documentation, also a pre-enrollment letter signed by the Secretary General of the Pontifical Lateran University.

The General Secretariat of the Pontifical Lateran University will issue said pre-enrollment letter to those who submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of presentation, proving the applicants faith, customs and disposition to study, in which the following must be specified accordingly: an indication of the student’s personal data, the Diocese of belonging, Faculty and cycle of studies:
  • for lay students, signed by the Ordinary of the Diocese of residence and authenticated by the Nuncio;
  • for diocesan priest students, signed by the Ordinary and authenticated by the Nuncio;
  • for religious students: if the Institute to which they belong is of diocesan law, signed by the Superior General, with authentication of the Bishop and the Nuncio; if the institute of belonging to is of pontifical law, signed by the Superior General, with authentication of the Nuncio
  1. photocopy of a valid International passport;
  2. copy of the secondary school diploma certificate that allows enrollment at the University in the student’s country of origin;
  3. copy of the diploma certificates required for access to the chosen study cycle and Faculty;
  4. letter of assumption of responsibility or “acceptance” to cover all expenses (feeding, accommodation and medical expenses) for the period of stay in Italy during the chosen study cycle, including the cost of return trip, signed by the head of the college or boarding school where the student will reside while studying at the Pontifical Lateran University.

Please note that at the time of enrollment, the “declaration of value” must be attached to the high school diploma, proving that said certificate allows enrollment at the university institutions of the country in which it was obtained. The declaration of value must be issued by the Italian diplomatic or consular authority operating in the country of residence of the candidate or in the country where the qualification was obtained if it is different from that of residence of the interested party. It is recalled that the diplomatic or consular representations operating on the Italian territory are not competent to issue this declaration.

For non-Italian students who intend to enroll in the Faculty of Civil Law for the attainment of the Master’s Degree in Law (LMG / 01), the declaration of value of the Italian authorities is required which indicates that the aforementioned diploma allows enrollment in a University.

If the documentation presented meets the needed requirements, the interested party will be provided with useful information for the payment of Euro 180, as administrative fees and advance payment of tuition fees. This sum:

  • if the registration is completed, will be deducted from the total amount of the annual tuition fee;
  • if the interested party does not obtain an entry visa for Italy, this will not be refunded.

At the end of this process, the Secretary General will issue a letter that ensures the acceptance of the enrollment application.

This letter, before being sent to the interested party, must be certified

  • by the Congregation for Catholic Education
  • from the Secretariat of State – Validation Office (show the letter of presentation and taking charge)

Given the required formalities, it is necessary for the applicant to have a contact person in Italy who can carry out the entire procedure in its totality.

N.B. Please note that at the time of this enrollment, the student must submit the ORIGINAL letter of presentation to the Student Secretariat, in addition to the entry visa to Italy for study purposes.

Since enrollments in the various Faculties and Institutes for the academic year 2022-2023 will end on October 3, 2022, it is advisable not to submit applications for an entry visa to Italy after the deadline indicated (April 15).

The University cannot provide any assurance as to the time required for the procedures with the Italian consular authorities.

In case of difficulty or particular cases whatsoever, please contact the Pontifical Lateran University in advance.

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