Peace Sciences

The cycle of studies in Peace Sciences, instituted by the Holy Father Francis with the letter “The desire for peace”, of 12 November 2018, develops the field of Peace Studies, making use of a continuous and structured interaction between the philosophical-theological formation and the human sciences. In particular, the course of study is articulated within the disciplinary areas of philosophy, theology, law, economics and social sciences; and enriched by the theological and pastoral tradition of the Pontifical Lateran University.

The cycle of studies in Peace Sciences includes:

– Bachelor’s Degree or triennial Bachelor’s Degree (The certificates are considered equivalent to those of the Italian university system), for the attainment of Bachelor’s Degree in Peace Sciences (L37). Duration 3 years.

Second Cycle or Master’s Degree (the qualification is equivalent to the Italian degree certificate), for the attainment of Licentiate/ Master’s degree in Peace Sciences e International Cooperation (LM 81). Duration 2 years.

Third Cycle or Doctorate in Peace Sciences

The value of the educational qualification in Italy

On February 13, 2019, the National University Council (NUC)  expressed “favorable opinion on the equivalence of the educational qualification issued by the Pontifical Lateran University in “Peace Sciences” and in “Peace Sciences and International Cooperation” in their current form and qualifications.

Peace Sciences

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Study cycles

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