Master’s Degree

2 years
Titolo di Studio
Bachelor's degree
Crediti da conseguire
120 crediti, 120 credits
Prof. Giulio Alfano

The two-year course allows the attainment of the academic degree of Licentiate or Master’s in Peace Sciences and International Cooperation (LM 81) for a total of 120 CFU/ECTS. Those in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree from the “old degree system” can be admitted to the two-year course. There are two areas of specialization: Cultural operator and cooperating with technical tasks for international development and the Third Sector; Specialist operating in peacekeeping, peace-building and peace-maintaining policies and programs and in the Third Sector.

During this cycle, lessons will be held, and  aimed at studying subjects such as: Law of international cooperation, Political and international economics, Sociology of cultural and communicative processes, History of political doctrines, Politics economics, international law of the religious phenomenon, development anthropology, languages. Stages and internships are also provided, including abroad, to complete the study plan.

To obtain the academic degree of Licentiate or Master’s Degree in Peace Sciences and International Cooperation (LM 81), the student must take a final exam consisting in the public discussion of a research work on a topic of one of the disciplines characterizing the course of study. To this end, the research topic must be agreed with the Professor of the course attended and whose exam was taken. It will be the responsibility of the Professor to direct the student towards a first research and then assist him in the drafting of the work scheme.



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