Three-year degree

3 years
Titolo di Studio
High School diploma
Crediti da conseguire
180 credits
Prof. Giulio Alfano

The three-year study period allows for the attainment of the academic degree of Bachelor’s in Peace Sciences (L 37) for a total of 180 CFU / ECTS. During this first cycle, lessons aimed at deepening subjects such as: Peace Studies, Law, Modern and Contemporary History, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Theology, Philosophy, International Organization, Foreign Languages, including Arabic and Chinese shall prevail. There are also workshops and internships, in Italy and abroad, to complete the study plan.

Those in possession of the requisites established by the Apostolic Constitution Veritatis Gaudium and by the norms of the Statutes of the Pontifical Lateran University, and those who are in possession of the certificate of High school are eligible for admission .

Admission is subject to the compliance of a established number, and, for this purpose, before proceeding to the Secretariat for the formalization of enrollment, students must take an admission test or, if they have previous university studies, an interview with the Course director and receive the authorization for enrollment. The interview is aimed at verifying the candidate’s eligibility for university studies and aimed at ascertaining the possession of adequate preparation in general culture and training that are a guarantee for the peculiar nature and the educational offer of the course of study.

The admitted student is compulsorily required to attend lessons in both the obligatory and optional disciplines in the form established by the University Statutes.

Peace Sciences

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