Third Cycle of Canon Law

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1 Anno
Educational qualification
Licentiate in Canon Law, Licenza in Diritto Canonico
Credits to be earned
Consult the study programme, Consultare Ordo Anni Academici
Prof. Paolo Gherri

The Third Cycle usually includes an Academic Year (two semesters).

The student in canon law will be able to complete the canonical training.

The didactic objectives indicated are functional to the scientific and methodological preparation foreseen for the finalized research work to the preparation of the doctoral dissertation. To be admitted to the Third Cycle, the candidate must have obtained a Licentiate in Canon Law or a Licentiate in Utroque Iure with a qualification of not less than 75/90.

In addition to the preparation of the doctoral dissertation, the curriculum for the Doctoral Cycle in Canon Law also includes four Seminars. The student can choose all Seminars in one semester or in both semesters.

To complete the training required according to the written dissertation, the student can (with adequate reasons) ask the Institute Authority to include, among the curricular seminars, a course to be attended at an external institution.

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