Matrimonial and Canonical Procedural Law

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1 Anno, 1 year
Educational qualification
Consultare Ordo Anni Academici, Licentiate in Canon Law
Credits to be earned
Consultare Ordo Anni Academici
Prof.ssa Elena Di Bernardo

The Institutum Utriusque Iuris, in accordance with the recent provisions issued by the Congregation for Catholic Education through the Instruction on Studies in Canon Law in the light of the reform of the marriage procedure (of 28/04/2018), active starting from 2018-2019 A.Y, the new Certificate in Matrimonial and Canonical Procedural Law.


  • Consultants involved in preliminary matrimonial pastoral care according to the different roles or levels.
  • Auxiliary figures in the process of matrimonial nullity for whose appointment the title of Licentiate and / or Doctorate in Canon Law is not required by the Code of Canon Law (instructor and assessor in the processus brevior, assessor of the single judge, patron vere peritus, chancellor, notary, expert).
  • Other pastoral workers and people interested in deepening their knowledge in matrimonial and canonical procedural law.

Those who are destined for judicial offices for which the Code of Canon Law requires the title of Licentiate and / or Doctorate in Canon law. The attainment of the Certificate in Matrimonial and Canonical Procedural Law allows the student to complete their canonical training by enrolling in the Licentiate cycle in Canon Law, obtaining the recognition of all the exams taken for the attainment of the Certificate, as well as any further exams of theological and/or juridical subjects already passed at other academic institutions and duly documented.


  • Qualification required for access to university studies in one’s country of origin.
  • Presentation of the ecclesiastical authority.
  • Basic knowledge of Latin and a foreign language other than the mother tongue or of Italian for students who are not native Italian speakers.

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