Second Cycle of Canon Law

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3 years
Educational qualification
Introductory two-year period
Credits to be earned
180 credits
Prof. Paolo Gherri

The training offer for the Licentiate in Canon Law (Second Cycle) is aimed at a more in-depth study of the entire Code of Canon Law through the complete dealing of its magisterial and disciplinary sources. The curriculum is completed with the study of related legal disciplines, considered fundamental in the state systems in force for the preparation of legal practitioners. Candidates are offered a study method that goes beyond the dimension of Canon Law as a self-referential science and opens up to in-depth study with a comparative view. In particular, in recent years, the Faculty’s curriculum studiorum has also included, across the board, the attention to identifying legal languages ​​that are increasingly scientifically based and shared in interdisciplinary research areas.

The course schedule, without neglecting the theological dimension of Canon Law, favours understanding as a strictly juridical phenomenon. The student, with the specialist guidance of lecturers, will be able to acquire a study method and a specialization that responds to the services and responsibilities related to the exercise of the legal activity of the Church.

The curricular time required to obtain the Licentiate in Canon Law is three academic years organized in six semesters.

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