Reading room

The “John Paul II” reading room has 150 study locations set up for the use of laptops. The book heritage is kept in the reading room (SL (RR)), which has about 60,000 volumes available on open shelves with direct access, and inside the deposits (DP). The reading room unfolds in height on 7 levels, the first of which houses the reception desk and the boxes with the current periods of the periodicals. The heritage placed in the further six levels of the room consists of various collections (Printed, Printed Other Collocations, DDC 21) reorganized and made available to users for thematic areas remarkable as follows: 

  • SL General Consultation and other classes on level 2 of the Hall
  • SL Philosophy on level 3 of the Hall
  • SL Religion on levels 4 and 5 of the Hall
  • SL Canon Law at level 6 of the Hall
  • SL Law and Social Sciences at level 6 of the Hall
  • SL Current magazines on level 7 of the Hall

From the online catalogue (Osee Genius) you can read the entire location of the document you are looking for, complete with section (for example: SL Philosophy, DP1 Religion, etc.) and collection (for example: DDC 21, Printed, etc.).

Here some examples:

To find the desired documents, in addition to the signage in the reading room, it is necessary to consult the topographic map where are reported the locations of books and magazines kept in the room with indication of the floor and shelves.

The volumes with section preceded by the acronym DP (es: DP1 Religion) are kept in the warehouses; you can request, a maximum of 5 per day, by filling in the forms available at the reception desk. The collection of books from deposits is carried out by staff every half an hour from 9 to 12 am and from 2.30 to 5 pm.