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3 years
Educational qualification
Licenciate in Theology, Licenza in Teologia
Credits to be earned
Consult the study programme, Consultare Ordo Anni Academici
Prof. Riccardo Ferri

The Third Cycle (or Superior Biennium of Research), which “trains experts in theological research and future teachers in the Faculties and Institutes of Theology” (Statutes, art. 86 §3), ends with the attainment of the III academic degree or Doctorate in Theology.

To be admitted to the Third Cycle, the student must:

  1.  have obtained a Licentiate in Theology (and not in other disciplines) with the qualification “summa cum laude” or “magna cum laude” (or equivalent);
  2. ensure that the necessary time and conditions are available for scientific work, and give an adequate knowledge of classical and modern languages ​​indispensable to the type of research chosen.

Compulsion of courses / seminars

  1. Whoever has obtained a Licentiate in Theology as a student enrolled in the Theological Faculty or in the Pontifical Pastoral Institute of the Pontifical Lateran University is not obliged to attend courses or seminars.
  2. Whoever has obtained a Licentiate in Theology as a student enrolled in an Aggregated or Incorporated Institute in the Lateran Theological Faculty, or as a member of another Faculty or University Institute must attend three courses/seminars (with related exams); the choice of courses must be approved by the supervisor (and then by the special Commission for the Doctorate), or by the Dean.

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