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5 years
Titolo di Studio
High School diploma
Crediti da conseguire
120 credits, 180 credits
Prof. Riccardo Ferri

Students – in possession of a (High School Diploma) that allows enrollment at the State University in one’s own country – who apply for enrollment at the Pontifical Lateran University, for the attainment of the 1st academic degree in Theology (Bachelors), are required to complete a 5-year cycle of study, divided into:

  • a Philosophical-Theological Biennium
  • a Theological Triennium.

Philosophical-Theological Biennium

The two-year course is managed jointly by the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology. The authority that decides the program of studies is the Dean of the Faculty of Theology (see Decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education, 14), after consulting the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy – to the extent of his competence.

Most of the two-year courses are specific to the Faculty of Philosophy, and the students who are enrolled in the Philosophical-Theological two-year course are reckoned among the students of that Faculty, even if they do not intend to obtain the 1st academic degree in Philosophy (Bachelors).

Students in the two-year course are required to obtain 120 ECTS credits (110 credits come from compulsory courses, the remaining 10 from 3 optional courses and 1 AFE (ELECTIVE EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES); they must also compensate any left overs (History of Philosophy, Latin and Greek languages).

For the registration rules, see the didactic regulations of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Triennium Theological

In order to enroll as an ordinary student in the 1st year of the Institutional Triennium of the Faculty of Theology, it is necessary to present original documentation certifying:

  1. the attainment of the High School Diploma, which allows enrollment at the State University in one’s own country of origin;
  2. the attainment of the academic degree of Bachelors in Philosophy or the attendance of a two-year period of philosophical or philosophical-theological studies in a Pontifical University or in a Theological Faculty or in a Philosophical-Theological Institute, for at least 120 CFU/ECTS (= university training credits, according to the European Credits Transfer System); on a transitory basis, with a resolution of the Dean, students who have passed all the compulsory and fundamental examinations in theoretical philosophy and in the history of philosophy, according to the approved study program, in an institutional two-year course of philosophical studies can also be enrolled;
  3. knowledge in Latin language, Greek language, of a modern (“foreign”) language;
  4. knowledge in Italian language.

Faculty of Theology

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