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The Institutum Utriusque Iuris is a unique (of its type) academic structure among the university institutions of the Church and is made up of the two Faculties of Canon Law and Civil Law. It presents study itineraries for the achievement of academic degrees in canon law, in civil law and In Utroque Iure with a training offer also characterized by the deepening of the relationships between the legal system of the Church and those of the non-ecclesial world. Therefore, the study of the respective juridical sector presents a positive and constructive basic orientation, founded in the conviction that there is a universal aspiration to justice, inside and outside the Church; such aspiration does not allow to limit the study to the purely instrumental knowledge of the positive laws in force, neither canonical nor state.

In concrete terms, for those who study canon law, without neglecting its theological foundation, the training program responds to the understanding of the same as a strictly juridical discipline; to ensure this objective, beyond what the given norms for each Faculty of Canon Law require, we include in our curriculum studiorum the other subjects common to any legal system as a human phenomenon.

Even those who choose to study Civil Law in our Faculty, in addition to elementary disciplines of Theology, which allow the basic comparison with the canonical system, face a program of subjects proposed in a comparative and international perception, thus enhancing the ethical foundations and concepts Law technicians in a key that goes beyond the limits inherent in the study of the legal system of a single state. 

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Apollinaris has been since 1928 the instrument through which the Institutum Utriusque Iuris expresses and shares its reflection on the legal phenomenon, both in its canonical and civil expression, with special attention to comparison and inter-ordinal dynamics, both historical and contemporary.